Building For The Future


We’re Facade 41 works on the design, production and application of aluminium curtain wall systems, window wall, storefront, railing, canopy, skylight door, window systems etc.

Facade 41 the new US division of Bisam. Since 2000, Bisam have built a reputation as one of the largest and most experienced architectural Facade firms in Europe. We have 15+ years of experience of bringing complicated and graceful facade designs to life from residential buildings to hospitals, hotels to government buildings. We’re now bringing our expertise to the US market as Facade 41.

We’re pioneers of the industry and strive to provide the most innovative, high quality, convenient and future proof solutions for our customers. At Facade 41 we leverage our vast European experience and resources to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics, economics and functionality to make sure every project is a total success.

We have a dynamic team of highly qualified technical and administrative staff who all work together to make sure we’re always maintaining exceptional levels of quality, design, installation and customer service, at all times. Our goal is to provide you with a premium quality product that beats the competition at every turn